Lamar High School Southwest Tennis Circuit Summer Tournament

Please Check back here to see if your child has been properly entered.  This site will be updated weekly.  Please register early and contact Coach Monroe ( if you register and then are unable to play.  Players who register right before the event, make it difficult to plan and end up affecting all of the players involved.

Start time for singles will be 8am.  Check this site Friday evening for exact start times for each division.

Limited concessions available for all matches.  Everyone should use the parking lot at the corner of Davis Dr. and Lamar Blvd, and please do not park in a Fire Lane.

Draws will be played in the following order:

Boys 15s 8am (check in by 7:45)

Boys 18s (check in at 8:30)

Girls 18s (check in at 8:45)

Girls 15s (check in at 9:15)

There are some byes, but all players should check in at the appropriate time to account for any no shows.


Last day updated: 7/13/18, 3:30pm

Boys 15 and under singles

Jack Mitchell, Hunter Jimenez, Ronak Jain, Aaron Tran, Austin Richards,

Quinn Vagle, Alberton Flores, Max Williams, Jace Turman,

Brayden Blackman, Seth West, Haden Oetting, Harry Jin, Brian Pham,

Robert Neilson, Jason Darnell, Aaron Oneal, Brandon McClure,

Brian Serrano

Girls 15 and under singles

Allison Carlisle, Grace Boeshart, Emily Wilson, Marisol Hernandez, 

Alexa Burr, Jillian Parris, Erika Marquez

Boys 18 and under singles
Diego Campuzano, Marvin Coopman, Nicholas Bindel,

Jervaughn Muriek, Oliver Whittaker, Patrick Sumner, Dylan Hall,

Leo Antonio, Brayan Villatoro, Dylan Nguyen, Mark Ponce, John Jacks,
Bryce Knapp, Joseph Khair

Girls 18 and under singles
Anna Stornello, Deeya Trivedi, Emily Melendez, Natalie Pesenko,

Emma Ayers, Aisha Guha, Erin Rosenbaum, Kara Antonio,

Kenzie Feist, Logan Luna, Stephanie Bustamante

Boys 18 and under doubles
Nguyen / Nguyen, Flores / Flores

Girls 18 and under doubles

Pesenko / Witzell, Harrigan / Muzquiz, Phan / Vu

Boys 15 and under doubles

Girls 15 and under doubles

Mixed doubles 

Gonzalez / Jenkins

Southwest Tennis Circuit

Lamar SWTC